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Tasty Food on a Budget
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Tasty Food for Cooks of All Stripes
This is a community for the sharing of recipes and cooking tips. Everyone eats, but most people don't have the time or money for slow roasting and/or slow cooking a pot of chili on the stove. Not all recipes have to be quick and easy, though tips/advice for speed/ease are appreciated.

There are a few basic rules that will be modified at will.

1. Be polite. If you're veg*, just skip the meat entries. If you've got allergies, you can ask about substitutions (same for veg* actually and I heartily encourage it). If you don't like it, skip it. If it didn't come out like the OP said, ask about it but be nice.

2. Share and share alike, but always give credit where credit is due. If you snatched a recipe off a website or out of a cookbook and then modified it, that's okay, but if it's only mildly modified, let us know.

3. Everyone cooks differently and be respectful of that. Personally, I (chasingtides) rarely use measurements when I'm cooking or baking, so I will write out approximations most of the time. Some people will use lots of precise measurements. Some people (me again) like to try to make almost everything from absolute scratch. Some people like to use short cuts. Some people use butter, others margarine, and still others oils or lard. It's all good. Respect that.

4. Ask questions! Even people who've been cooking for years have questions when trying something new. There's also nothing shameful about being new to stews/pastry/roasts/everything. Clarification can only help.